Web Development

Some potential customers will never walk through your business’ doors but they will visit your website. Let VIM’s web development team make a site that incites trust so they want to engage with your brand.

  • Create an inviting, intuitive and clean site that draws in your clients.
  • Change your site according to web analytics so it’s in optimal shape for your audience.
  • Track where your audience is most engaged.
Content Is King


We live in a world of first impressions. Though this has always been the case, it’s especially true today. We are besieged by information. It has become a business necessity to weed out anything that doesn’t immediately grab us. This is why, at Venture Icon Media, we place so much emphasis on web development.

When you want to find out more about a business, you often go to its website. How often have you visited a site, only to be unimpressed? It doesn’t take much. A boring graphic, a typo, an off-putting color scheme, difficulty in finding relevant information … and you simply click elsewhere.

So what kind of impression does your website make? Is it an inviting atmosphere with eye-catching visuals, sparkling prose and ease of use? Does it perfectly reflect your image and vision? Is it memorable?

Maybe you’re so close to the material, you can’t be objective. We can tell you. Our web development team will analyze your website, tell you what works and help fix what doesn’t. We won’t just give our expert opinions; we can show you what is working and what isn’t with the website analytics.

First Things First

Is your website clean and easy to use? Does it have unnecessary clutter? Do visitors have to wait for complex graphics to open? Because they won’t … wait, that is. Your customers want things and they want them yesterday. For most customers, even a short wait is unacceptable. Don’t get too fancy with your web development at the expense of losing potential business.

We can streamline your site and make the information pop. Customers will see who you are immediately, a true first impression. Your website will exude attractiveness and professionalism. Information, particularly contact information, will be readily available. Our web development team wants to make it as easy as possible for customers to reach you.


What You See & What You Get

For web development, we focus on two things: pictures and words. The pictures are the product of our graphic design team. By creating a design that’s appealing and even exciting, you’ll get customers sticking around to dive into the meat and potatoes of your website: the content. Our writers have the talent and experience to say what you want to say – cleverly, succinctly, and with an eye on SEO. That means customers will be engaged. In addition, you’ll rise up the search-engine ladder.

So Step 1: get visitors to stay. Step 2: get them to buy. We’ll make your website a member of your company, an integral member of your sales force. Results-based business is what we strive for, and we’ll use every marketing tool from our full-service tool chest. Landing pages, squeeze pages and ecommerce tools will further help with engagement, and drive business.


But Wait, There’s More!


Once our web development crew has worked its magic, the fun is just starting. Using best-in-class web analytics, we’re in a position to see if we’re hitting our mark. Are we reaching the right people? Are we getting the right business? Are we seeing results? If not, we’ll know exactly what to revise to get those results.

With Venture Icon Media on your team, you’ll ensure your website will make a first impression that will keep customers coming back for more.

“We’ve been working with the Venture Icon Media team for the last six months and could not be any happier. You’ll find no better value for your marketing dollar. VIM is extremely effective at what they do because they understand social media and how consumers think, act, and consume. We saw the results of their labors early on and it hasn’t let up since.”

– Jason Mortensen, Parakeet

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