Whether you are looking to amp up your social media game, redesign your website, start generating more leads, or other marketing initiatives, we are happy to help! Read below to learn about how we can help enhance your brand.

Web Development

It’s simpler than your think: a good website makes people look. A great website makes people stay. An excellent website gets you the sale. VIM will design a site that will draw in your ideal consumer and puts you ahead of the competition!

Social Media

How many cats have you seen on Facebook today? Come on, be honest. Pretend your business is an adorable cat: VIM is here to make sure you’ll be seen. Your brand will join the right conversations at the right time for optimal exposure.

Graphic Design

Your target audience has an eye for style. Our professional graphic design team is all about creative visual content that leaves a lasting impression. No comic sans. No clipart. Just beautiful, original GIFs, motion graphic videos, images, and web design with results.


Search engine optimization is a lot like the Force – It’s magical and not a lot of people know how it works. Consider us your Jedi; using all the right words and keyphrases, we will put you at the top of every search engine. May the SEO be with you.


Can you remember all fifty billboards you see on your commute to work? Probably not. That one billboard, though? You can’t get it out of your head. That’s because good advertising is a rarity, and lucky for you, we’ve got a serious knack for it. If your brand has a lot to offer, but not a lot to show for it, VIM will give you exposure you deserves.

Content Strategy

Words will build, secure, and define your brand, so you better make sure you’re using the right ones. VIM’s writing team will create the exact content your target audience is looking for, whether it’s a blog, newsletter, social media post, or website content. What can we say? We have a way with words.