Case Studies


Tubzz, a bathtub distributing company, was in need of a new website and a more-prominent social media service. By turning to Venture Icon Media to optimize its digital agenda, Tubzz realized that its digital marketing could be so much more.

Web Design

When Tubzz first signed on with Venture Icon Media, the bathtub distributer was in need of a new website. Venture Icon Media was able to redesign their current site to make it more user-friendly and engaging while improving the usability and visual aesthetics. Venture Icon Media was also able to apply Tubzz new logo, thereby creating their most up-to-date website yet.

Product Specs Binder

For Tubzz, Venture Icon Media customized their services to match Tubzz’ needs. For this particular project, graphic designers at Venture Icon Media conducted extensive edits, such as updating images, drawing illustrations, designing binder sheets, inputting dimensions and updating previous content to be more current and accurate for Tubzz’ customers.


Tubzz online presence was missing something: quality images of their current tub models. Venture Icon Media was able to fill in this gap by taking detailed and high-quality photos of their tubs that could be used on their website and social media. This not only improved their website design, but also their SEO, product specifications, social media and customer engagement.

Social Media

To appeal to Tubzz’ variety of audiences, Venture Icon Media created posts that were engaging to the home improvement and spa industries while displaying tubs in action. In every post, Venture Icon Media put clear and appealing content at the forefront while trying to create a call-to-action for Tubzz’ audience.

Tubzz’ Style

Like any product related to the home-improvement industry, Tubzz’ digital marketing needs were as unique as its audience. Its targeted industries spread far and wide, as its services could appeal to the relaxation and spa industry, or to home improvement and DIY audiences. Because Tubzz’ reach was so broad, Venture Icon Media found great success in creating graphics, social media profiles, posts, content and websites by using technical writing styles and engaging designs.


Venture Icon Media worked diligently with Tubzz to optimize its SEO. Though Tubzz’ industry appealed to a wide audience, targeting those looking to remodel their bathroom or searching for a tub to replace their current one required extensive.

While working with Tubzz, Venture Icon Media was able to complete services for the business, such as link building, creating directories, conducting reputation management, restructuring keywords and optimizing Google Maps and website images.


Like many of Venture Icon Media’s clients, Tubzz received a number of quality GIFs from Venture Icon Media’s graphic design team. These motion graphics displayed a number of Tubzz’ features, such as their jets, tub models and agenda. These motion graphics were also produced for both social graphics and special occasions, such as holidays. To see Tubzz’ GIFs, please visit their Facebook, Twitter and other Tubzz social media pages.