Case Studies

Sweeto Burrito

Sweeto Burrito originally began in 2011 as a food truck in North Dakota, and has since gone from being a food truck to a brick-and-mortar establishment. Venture Icon Media teamed up with the Provo branch manager to run advertisement campaigns, create landing pages, post social media graphics, compose copywriting and design affiliated graphics.

Web Design

With the intent of running advertisements, Sweeto Burrito was in need of a landing page. The purpose of a landing page was to take users to a web page that had one purpose: to log information and provide discounts as offered on the advertisements. Sweeto Burrito’s landing page was first designed by a graphic design team to establish a visual outline before developing the page.
By doing so, Venture Icon Media created a high-quality and seamless advertising experience for one of the most well-loved restaurants in the western U.S.

Social Media

Because Sweeto Burrito’s Provo location is a branch of the overall business, its social media package was very specific. Our social media managers worked diligently to inspire, create and schedule a fixed number of posts that showcased details of the Provo location opening to all the right demographics.

In the time before the opening and during the opening itself, Venture Icon Media’s social media managers also were able to engage with users via Facebook and Instagram, which resulted in happy customers, positive restaurant reviews, improved SEO and effective reputation management, all while increasing the hype and foot traffic when Sweeto Burrito Provo opened.

Sweeto Burrito’s Style

Venture Icon Media replicated the passion behind the branding and incorporated it in all graphics, website designs and advertisements. By doing so, Venture Icon Media established a uniform and recognizable look — emblazoned in red and yellow — that could appeal to Sweeto Burrito faithful customers.

Motion Design

Because Sweeto Burrito was one of our more recently-onboarded clients searching for a flashier, more advertisement-based digital appearance, Venture Icon Media worked closely with the managers to brainstorm and create incredibly engaging content. This content heavily involved cleverly-designed GIFs, videos and advertisements that would cater to a younger, more dynamic audience. These GIFs, advertisements and videos all reflected Sweeto Burrito’s style and theme, and all campaigns performed for them through Venture Icon Media’s services proved to be wildly successful.
Venture Icon Media is grateful for Sweeto Burrito’s incredible compliance while launching this campaign. Be sure to visit the Provo location and see why it’s food is worth fighting for!