Case Studies

Nature’s Fusions

Nature’s Fusions is an essential oil company that offers high-quality, undiluted oils. They seek to educate the oil community with informative, health-focused content, but struggled to share it in a meaningful and engaging way. Nature’s Fusions was in need of a new website, content writing, email campaigns, social media, SEO and assistance distinguishing themselves from other essential oil companies.

Web Design

Nature’s Fusions previous site was built off a template e-commerce site and was in desperate need of an update. Before, the site’s only purpose was to display and sell products. Venture Icon Media added new, user-friendly features such as an education page and FAQ. We aimed to increase web sales by creating a custom site that adhered to Nature’s Fusions clean, modern design elements, tailored to their unique market and improved overall user experience.

Social Media

One of Nature’s Fusions main goals is to educate the oil community. Therefore, our aim for social media has been to utilize it as a teaching tool. We create content that informs the audience about how to use oils to improve health, beauty and quality of life, and do so in a fresh, engaging way. Additionally, we implement the elements of Nature’s Fusions that make it unique — their commitment to quality, integrity and the FOREVER Guarantee — in each post we share.

The Design

Nature’s Fusions is a contemporary company that has a refreshing take on the essential oil industry, and Venture Icon Media wanted to reflect that in the style tile we created for them. We used crisp lines, modern fonts and soothing, yet invigorating, colors to establish a design guide that reflects Nature’s Fusions role as a distributor of both top-of-the-line oils and cutting-edge information.  


In a digital age, SEO plays an integral part of a brand’s success. We sought to increase Nature’s Fusions’ visibility by creating citations and directory submissions, which helps their content be seen by the right audience at the right time — a critical factor for any company that sells its products online. Backlink acquisition, competitor analysis, optimizing SERP and applying ALT text to images were all key strategies we focused on to improve Nature’s Fusions credibility and visibility.

Content Writing

Venture Icon Media understands that providing valuable information to a target audience inspires brand loyalty. With this in mind, our goal was to provide education in a meaningful and refreshing way. We achieved this goal by writing relevant, informative blog posts and contributing to Nature’s Fusions’ website content.

The way one communicates is as important as what is being communicated. Nature’s Fusions’ online voice and persona reflects the brand’s youthful, informative and fresh take on the essential oil industry.

Blog and Newsletter

Blogs and newsletters are different means of communication, but the desired outcome is essentially the same: to educate the reader. Nature’s Fusions blog posts discuss a wide array of essential oil-related topics, from health applications, to household uses, to history. Newsletters feature information about upcoming events and promotions, and are a great way to bring awareness to the giveaways that Nature’s Fusions frequently holds.