Case Studies

Legally Mine

Legally Mine is an asset protection agency for the healthcare, dentistry, law and financial industries. Because its services cater to a wide audience, Legally Mine understands that its reach must appeal to a variety of industry professionals, thus relying on Venture Icon Media’s expertise to represent its brand.

Web Design

Legally Mine’s website was substantial and required careful consideration during the web development process. To give Legally Mine’s website a chic and professional look, our web developers consistently worked on the overall web page layouts and automation while tackling other basic elements of web development.

Social Media

Before investing in a social media package with Venture Icon Media, Legally Mine’s social media presence was already substantial. Prominent asset protection agencies, lawyers, healthcare and dentistry professionals recognized Legally Mine as an active industry leader on a myriad of popular platforms.

Venture Icon Media boosted Legally Mine’s social media by creating additional social media profiles and coordinating posts for all platforms. These posts were designed with Legally Mine’s audience in mind, incorporating professional touches and thought-provoking content in every strategically-scheduled post.

The Design

Before utilizing our services, Legally Mine needed a digital marketing agency that could create clear, high-quality graphics, content and websites to further appeal to its audience.

Venture Icon Media understood the importance of Legally Mine’s needs and invested the time and research required to meet Legally Mine’s expectations. All branding, SEO, social media, graphic design, content and web development was sired with an aim to please both Legally Mine and its audience.


Venture Icon Media worked diligently with Legally Mine to improve their Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By utilizing Google Analytics, conducting on-page and off-site optimization, handling reputation management and composing press releases and blogs, Venture Icon Media was able to narrow down Legally Mine’s audience, cater to more specific targets and improve website and social media traffic for their brand.

Print Design

Though print design isn’t a common service in the digital marketing industry, Venture Icon Media was able to cater to Legally Mine’s needs by performing and designing print design projects. Venture Icon Media designed and exported graphics for banners, flyers and brochures, all while creating a more comprehensive digital marketing experience for Legally Mine.

Motion Design

Legally Mine has operated with various revenues for digital marketing and advertising. From radio advertisements to social media to website development, Legally Mine has experienced it all. One service Venture Icon Media was able to perform involved motion design. By creating video advertisements and motion graphics — such as GIFs — Venture Icon Media helped Legally Mine explore different outlets for branding and advertising their business.