#SproutChat: Managing Digital Communities

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This week Sprout Social hosted another #SproutChat focusing on the importance of managing digital communities. Venture Icon Media participated in this amazing discussion and was impressed with all of the incredible responses. There were so many key takeaways that inspired us to not only look at our involvement in online communities, but how we can better manage and contribute to them.


The first question that Sprout Social asked was to define what a digital community was. Maria Marchewka‏ had a fantastic definition that got straight to the point: 

It makes you think twice about how many digital communities you belong to, doesn’t it? There are so many different formats and hosts of digital communities it is hard to keep them all straight. But they do seem to have a few things in common. Apple Box Studio responded to the question by naming off where just a couple of the common digital communities can be found: 

No wonder this was such an interesting #SproutChat. So many people are apart of digital communities; it truly involves everyone.


The next question was “What are some first steps to building a digital community? Where can these communities live?” There were many great answers to this question, but Meagan DeMenna‏, this week’s Sprout All-Star, had a killer answer:

Finding your goals and identifying your audience really are the best things to start with figuring out your strategy. There really isn’t a better way to start managing digital communities. After having a solid strategy, Netvantage and Express Writers had some great ideas on how to get a community started:

Building a community from scratch really does rely on what your audience wants to talk about and getting the conversation started. It is much more than just putting up a post and hoping someone does something with it. It is engaging with audience members and becoming apart of the community.


After creating a digital community, it is important to create content that can fuel conversation. That is what #SproutChat asked about next: “How can you use content to fuel your community?” Cristy had a great response:

It is so important to not come off as “spammy.” Don’t just have the clickbait content. Be relevant and useful for the audience. In addition, DeMenna points out the importance of scheduling:

Managing digital communities really comes back to scheduling posts, which keeps your community afloat.  Keep your audience excited and engaged by having a throughout and appealing schedule. And like DeMenna said, always listen to your audience!  

The #SproutChat was awesome and we gained so much from it! We are eager to add to our digital communities using all of the tools we learned.  

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