#Page1Chat: The Power of Live Video

It’s that time again! Every two weeks, Page1Solutions hosts #Page1Chat, where content marketers and social media gurus come together to discuss the latest features and trends in digital marketing.

This week, we discussed the impact live video has on your brand’s social media presence, and there were a lot of great suggestions from prominent social media marketers.

So, if you’re wondering how much of a difference live video would make for your brand, then you may want to check out some of our suggestions.

Live Video for Your Brand


Some content marketing agencies are still coming around to the idea of incorporating live video for their brands. However, in an age where augmented/virtual reality is on the brink of taking over entirely, most social media users are feeding into live video streams with reckless abandon.


Rebecca hit the nail right on the head. Many social media users are actively seeking to enrich their connections, even with brands. This gives agencies an open door to promote their products and services while also creating customer loyalty just by posting videos. This leads us right into Alicia’s comment:



Many social media users will stay loyal to a brand that posts consistent content regularly. This loyalty, you’ll notice, will come from a targeted community on any given social media platform. And though your product may not be appealing to everyone, you can at least appeal to members in your community.


Ideas for Live Videos


You’ll find that many live streams will feature office routines or special events hosted by your agency. These moments are great for establishing and maintaining a brand culture to your audience, but it’s not uncommon to run out of material.

But before brainstorming, consider Rebecca’s suggestion:


Look at your audience and look at your platform. Each social media platform has its own unique culture and demographic, so be sure you’re posting raw content that’s appropriate for your targeted audience.

Once you’ve established a social media culture, you can then throw around some ideas to feature on your live feeds. Consider this brilliant suggestion from Vishal:



This idea is truly amazing. Seriously, if you use it, be sure to credit him. If you’re looking for something less intense, however, check out Jill’s comment:



If you immediately thought of BuzzFeed’s “Tasty” videos, then you’re on the right track. People love food, and because it appeals to everyone, your audience and reach will be massive. If you’re stuck for content, then try tapping into relatable subjects that everyone can join in on.


Preventing Live Mistakes


One of the biggest fears digital marketers have is witnessing something go wrong while recording live. It’s truly amazing that live news reports don’t experience more difficulties than they do. However, Alicia brings up a valuable point that is all too relevant to on-camera mistakes:


Alicia’s not implying that all accidents will attract viewers, but some may create a fun, relatable experience that your viewers can jump into. On the other side of things, Vishal reminds us of an inevitable truth:



When recording, keep in mind that you must always expect the unexpected. Plus, if something does go wrong, you can always stop recording and revisit it, or simply exit out of the video and try again.

Need ideas for your social media marketing campaigns? Then join us for #Page1Chat, and we’ll see you there!

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