#SproutChat: Social Recruiting for Higher Education

Every week, Sprout Social hosts #SproutChat. Last week, Venture Icon Media participated in the chat that focused on social recruiting for higher education. They brought in a #SproutChat all-star, Phil Hughes, who works closely with NYU and social recruiting to help guide the conversation. Hughes and all those who participated provided amazing insights that we found super valuable not only for universities, but for all companies on social media that are attempting to hit that demographic.

Sprout Social started the conversation by asking, “what types of content are most effective on social for colleges/universities?” We loved Digital Addicts response:

College students definitely respond well to relevant videos. Plus, good reviews from peers are always a plus!

Next, Sprout Social posed this question: “How do you get buy-in from higher-ups to utilize social for recruiting?” We loved this killer answer!

There is no better way to get them interested than to have them involved. Hughes also showed how they made their dean of students into a gif. Not only was the dean more involved, but the students loved it! Netvantage Marketing hit on a point that many others thought was important: data. Look at what Netvantage said:

We totally agree. When trying to convince someone to use social media in their business, it is important to show them the data behind it. It is also important to show them how many individuals you can reach in your target audience through social media. Explaining your strategy is key!

Finally, our favorite question of the day was “What are the biggest challenges with engaging students on social media?” Phil Hughes expressed a problem that we all face.

He went on to give a couple ways that he keeps up with the algorithms.

Definitely, a couple of amazing resources to handle this complex problem!

Thanks to Sprout Social and Phil Hughes for the amazing discussion! We learned a ton about social media for higher education as well as social media for companies that are targeting the younger demographic. We are super excited to put all the advice to work!

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