#HootChat: Utilizing Social Media for Live Events

This week’s HootChat was one for the books! Hootsuite teamed up with social media expert Erica Dymond and discussed how to optimize social media for live events. It was an entertaining hour, to say the least. Read on to find out what we learned about digital marketing!

First up, Hootsuite asked, “Which social networks pair best with live events?” We loved co-host Erica’s response about utilizing a variety of platforms. It’s important to examine which audience you’re trying to appeal to and adjust to their preferred social network.

You can’t talk about social media and live events without mentioning live tweeting, so that’s exactly what question 7 did. Here’s what MyCorporation had to say about how to be successful on Twitter during a live event.

MyCorporation nailed it! Having a charged device is crucial, and no one likes a tweet riddled with spelling errors. Plus, sharing gifs has a tendency to increase interaction and engagement. But, like MyCorporation said, remember to have fun!

Hootsuite’s final question asked, “What is your number one tip for someone getting ready to manage social for an event?” Katie Wagner Social Media summed it up:

We totally agree! Users can tell when content is genuine, and there’s no better way to attract people to your social channels than showing them you know how to have a good time.

We had a blast during this week’s HootChat and can’t wait to put our newly acquired digital marketing knowledge to work! Thanks again to Erica Dymond and Hootsuite for the informative, hilarious chat!


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