#CFChat: Staying Inspired

On Thursday, VIM participated in Crowdfire’s weekly Twitter chat. This week’s topic was something everyone (not just digital marketers) can benefit from: how to find inspiration. We left the hour-long discussion feeling motivated, uplifted, and dare we say, inspired.

To begin, Crowdfire posed the question, “What makes you get up and work on your dreams every day?” We loved Yelling Mule’s to-the-point response:


Can we get a “heck yes”? This was a fantastic reminder to keep the dream alive! Speaking of, we were also impressed with Nischal’s answer.


Are you feeling ready to conquer the world yet? Keep reading. It gets even better! Next, Crowdfire asked, “What do you do when you are low on inspiration?” They proposed several suggestions, and Berman Creative shared some as well:


Looking at design techniques of the past is a surefire way to gain inspiration for the future! And learning about your craft by reading advertising books is always a good idea. But of course, nothing inspires quite like interacting with urban wildlife.

When we’re in a content marketing creative pinch, music and humor always helps us to push through the slump. Crowdfire invited the #CFChat community to tweet what their go-to source of inspiration was, and Zocle delivered.

Albert Einstein isn’t known as a genius for nothing. This quote reminded us of the importance of having fun with your work! Because when you love what you do, your audience can tell.

Thanks to Crowdfire’s enlightening discussion, these digital marketers are now ready to tackle the rest of the week! We’re putting the inspiration we gleaned from today’s chat straight to work.

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