#SproutChat: Planning for the Holidays


Last week’s #SproutChat was full of holiday cheer as we discussed the best practices for holiday marketing. With special guest Kevin Juliano, we discussed how to plan for the holiday season, how to execute a good strategy and how to measure the success.



The first question was, “How do you plan your social content calendar for the holidays?” Chatterkick had an amazing answer that we totally agree with:

Advanced planning is key, not only to avoid stress on your end, but also to make sure that your clients are not stressed either. They want to celebrate their holiday season, too. Paige Doemer also gave a great point for planning:

There is a lot that goes on during the holiday season with coupon use, stores closing, Santa visits and so on. Make sure that all of your customers are in the loop with key social media posts and campaigns.

With planning campaigns around the holidays, it can be difficult to keep in mind some of the marketing groundwork. However, Cheval John brought us back to the true backbone of marketing:

What do the customers want? What are they saying and what are they interested in this year? You could have a great campaign that falls flat because it is not what the consumers wanted.



The next question #SproutChat asked was, “What are some dos and don’ts for holiday social media content if you’re a global brand?” Most people shared Sortis Marketing’s sentiment:

It’s so important to avoid alientating people with different beliefs. With so many different holidays are celebrated during the holiday season, it’s important to recognize all of them, especially when you’re representing a global brand. As you incorporate all holidays, Scraawl had amazing advice on how to proceed:

Holidays are all about emotions! Be sure to include all the feels in your campaigns. Make your brand different through the emotion you invoke.



Next, #SproutChat asked, “How can you show your customers extra generosity around the holidays?” Jordana gave the advice that we all wish we could follow:


But what do you do if your brand doesn’t have the means to have giveaways? Netvantage Marketing had a great idea:

Just listening to consumers can make them feel important and valued. Make the holidays just a little bit easier for them. Dave Macdonald also had an amazing suggestion:


As we all know, time is so important! Anything you can do to help people save time is helpful.


The holidays are a busy time for everyone involved. Make the season easier by planning, executing and measuring all of your campaigns.

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