#SproutChat: How to Manage and Amplify Social Media Content

This week’s #SproutChat was an amazing discussion on how to control your social media content. Venture Icon Media was able to participate in the conversation that was hosted by Rachael Samuels, Sprout Social’s content manager. All participants shared great tips on how to manage, organize and amplify social media content.



There are a lot of different ways to manage content. The first question that #SproutChat asked was what some of the best practices for managing multimedia content were. Walk West had some amazing tips:

Knowing which content works where is key! Each social media platform has a different purpose and gives weight to different types of media. In addition, each platform targets a different audience. Alec Jones had a great answer showing the importance of knowing the different platforms:

John Venen also pointed out a key strategy:

Make your content count. Make it great. Sometimes that means posting it a little bit after live streaming. Managing your content is essential to ensure consistent messaging.



Keeping your posts and graphics organized is important, especially if you have multiple people working on the same client accounts. To see what others are doing to organize their content, #SproutChat asked for some tips on how to organize or tag multimedia content for easy searches. Skylar Glunk had some great tips to share:

Being very clear with file names makes it much easier. Don’t label things with nicknames that only you understand. Rachel Samuels said it best:

Make sure your organization is clear enough that others can follow it and share some of the responsibility as needed.



Finally, amplifying your posts is a great way to gain some great engagement. The next question was, “How do you amplify content among employees or advocates?” Mausi Nana had a great tip to get co-workers in on the campaign:

Giving the whole company an understanding of the campaign will help them feel comfortable and know how to share the content. Becca Keyes also gave excellent advice on how to get certain people to repost content:

Make it easy for them to contribute. The less time they spend on it, the more likely they are to add to the campaign. In addition, sometimes giving your advocates an idea of what to say will help them generate ideas of how to put it in their own words.

Last week’s #SproutChat was definitely full of great advice and amazing tools to help manage, organize and amplify social media strategies. The biggest takeaway we had is that everyone has their own methods that work for them. Just make sure that others can follow your logic and the way you decide to complete your tasks.

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